My Music

Are you looking for some samples? Check out my media page!

If you enjoy listening to my music, and you want to hear more, there are a few ways that you can add my music to your library!

Live Performance

If you are interested in booking me for a performance at an event, please contact me via email below. My performances include on site consultation to go over song selection and performance requirements. I am more than happy to play weddings, funerals, small events or large! 



Do you  like  my music and want to get access to my newest material along with perks like song requests and more? A small monthly donation gets you access to my full song library and more! Becoming a patron is the easiest way to get access to all my music while supporting my musical work!.


My iTunes setup is in the works, but isn't available yet, check in soon!

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Bandcamp is a site dedicated to hosting artists and their music. You can buy my latest album and individual songs here. You can also listen to sample songs!



Check out my Youtube channel for practice sessions, original music, and some 'filk' songs I've written.  I've uploaded songs set in the world of several popular fantasy stories, as well as my own soon to be released novel! 

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